Wirral Metals Limited are fully licensed to provide International Waste Shipments (IWS) to the continent (specifically Belgium) for tin and copper recycling. We provide this service on a UK-wide basis, ensuring any transportation of these metals across the UK and onto the continent is done safely and legally. All parties involved in the transport of waste products for disposal must adhere to UK and European legislation, and we can work with you to transport your waste tin and copper for safe recycling on the continent.
With an International Waste Shipments or IWS license, Wirral Metals Limited are legally bound and certified to ensure transportation of waste tin and copper is completed without risk to human health and in an environmentally sound manner.
Wirral Metals Limited are the UK Preferred Partner for Metallo Chimique, a Belgium-based innovative metals recycling company. As an expert in multi-metal recycling and refining of non-ferrous metals, Metallo Chimique have over 90 years of experience. Their established and innovative pyro- and hydrometallurgical processes can treat the most complex secondary raw materials and refine them into new metal products to supply the global metal consuming industry.